Who are we?

We are just a couple of geeks who love all things internet. We are pretty good at getting websites noticed by Google and as a result, found by people. We have had some success with Social Media and can assist with creating a large following of engaged people who are interested in your brand. We are pretty masterful at what we do and we believe businesses should leave these mundane tasks to us while they continue with the work which they are good at.


Facebook Marketing

Google Adwords

Content Creation


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Social Marketing


We will take complete control of all things related to the internet aspect of your business reducing your stress and ensuring that we drive highly targeted potential customers your way while engaging with everyone who follows you on Social media.

Wish We Were Busy

From R1500

Creation of Facebook Page

Weekly Publishing of relevant content to Facebook

Audience building

Basic Analytics Reporting

Facebook Ad Management

Audience Interaction

Ad Budget Excluded

Getting Busy

From R2000

Daily publishing of relevant content to Facebook

Local Business Campaign

1 Boosted Post Campaign per month

Analytics Reporting

Audience Interaction

Daily Instagram Posting

R300 Ad Budget Included

Really Busy

From R3600

Daily publishing of relevant content to Facebook

Local Business Campaign

3 Boosted Post Campaigns per month

Analytics Reporting

Audience Interaction

Daily Instagram Posting

R600 Ad Budget Included


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